Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Art Review - "Hafen von Triest (Harbor of Triest)" by Egon Schiele

I've been in Galveston, Texas for the last week teaching workshops and judging the Outdoor Painters Society's Plein Air Southwest event. The many beautiful paintings of boats brought to mind a number of great paintings of boats from art history, so this week's #MuseumTourTuesday features a piece by Austrian artist Egon Schiele.

This painting is a rich stylization of the subject in an expressionistic manner. Many of the lines, both in the rigging and the water reflections, were created by dragging the back end of a brush through the thickly applied paint, revealing a darker color below. Painted when the artist was only 17, it shows the quality of draftsmanship that Schiele would become known for in his later figurative and self-portrait work.
"Hafen von Triest (Harbor of Triest)" • Egon Schiele • Oil and Pencil on Card
• 1907 • 25 x 18 cm • Private Collection
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