Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Art Review - "Spanish Fishermen" by Frank Brangwyn

For today's #MuseumTourTuesday, I'd like to share a stunning piece by Welsh artist Frank Brangwyn from the current exhibit, "Beyond the Sea: Impressionism and Modern Painting in Europe" at the Telfair Museums. This is a piece that I had never seen before, so it was quite a thrill.

I'm a huge fan of Brangwyn's intricate mural work, but in a smaller piece like this one, his simplification of brushwork shines through. Everything makes perfect sense with a solidity to the forms, and yet nothing is rendered. And then there is the control of color, with the warmer yellows and dashes of bright reds holding the viewer's attention to the center of the canvas. What an amazing piece!

Born in Bruges, Belgium in 1867, his family returned to the United Kingdom in 1874, where his father established a successful design practice. In his early teens, Brangwyn apprenticed with famed British textile designer William Morris. He won his first gold medal from the Paris Salon at the age of 24, and became known for large murals. It's estimated that he produced over 12,000 works.

Kimberly and I first visited the Telfair a few years ago, and I was pleased to return to teach a workshop there last month. We were once again amazed by the quality of the collection, with a number of pieces on view that we hadn't seen before. I'll be sharing more in upcoming posts.
"Spanish Fishermen" • Frank Brangwyn • Oil on Canvas • 40.5" x 50" • 1895

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