Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Art Review - "In a Somovar Shop" by Arnold Borisovich Lakhovsky

Today's #MuseumTourTuesday post features an interior painting by Ukranian artist Arnold Lakhovsky.

The shifting temperature of the light in this piece is fascinating. Notice the cooler temperature of the light outside the window, and as it hits the blue wall just inside. Beneath the window, the reflected light on the wall to the right and the face of the craftsman are both dramatically warmer, lending an exciting vibration of color between the two areas.

Beginning in 1904, Lakhovsky was a part of Ilya Repin's workshop at the Higher Fine Art School in Saint Petersburg, where he became a founding member of the Jewish Arts Encouragement Society. Emigrating to Paris in 1925, the artist became a board member of the Russian Artists Union in France. In 1925, Lakhovsky moved to the United States, painting portrait commissions in New York before relocating to Boston to teach at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts until his death in 1937.

"In a Somovar Shop" • Arnold Borisovich Lakhovsky • Oil on Canvas
• 35.2" x 26.2" • ca. 1912

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