Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Art Review "Hudson River View" by Julian Onderdonk

For my last #MuseumTourTuesday of the year, I'd like to share a piece by San Antonio native Julian Onderdonk from the collection of the San Antonio Museum of Art.

The composition masterfully moves us through the space, guided by the flow of the hanging laundry, leading at last to to the steeple towering over the tenements. 
Onderdonk pursued a career as a plein air painter in New York, where he relocated after a few years of study with the famous American Impressionist William Merritt Chase. The artist returned to San Antonio in 1909, so based on the date of the painting, it may have been created from some preliminary studies, or he may have returned to the city for a short period in 1912. 
Onderdonk went on to be called the "father of Texas painting," and three of his works graced the walls of the Oval Office during the administration of George W. Bush.
"Hudson River View" • Julian Onderdonk • Oil on Canvas • 18" x 12" • 1912
Painting photo by Saunders Fine Arts.
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