Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Art Review - Wildlife Art by Robert Kuhn - National Museum of Wildlife Art

Today's #museumtourtuesday features works by the late Bob Kuhn at the National Museum of Wildlife Art. These were part of a larger group of the artist's paintings that Kimberly and I were able to view during our visit to the museum last week.

The first thing that strikes me is the excellent drawing skill. Although 2D, the animals in Kuhn's paintings have a sculptural quality due to his solid understanding of animal anatomy. Each one of them jumps off the canvas. His rich color brings a sense of life and vibrancy to his subjects.

Kuhn worked as an illustrator for 30 years before becoming a full-time painter in 1970. He traveled the world for inspiration, which accounts for his accuracy in depicting these animals.

Photos by Saunders Fine Arts.

"Elephant" • Part of the African Suite • Robert F. Kuhn • Acrylic on Board • 1996-2000

"Buffalo Bulls Emerging from Papyrus" • Robert F. Kuhn 
• Acrylic and Pencil on Board • 1984

"Lions" Part of the African Suite • Robert F. Kuhn • Acrylic on Board • 1996-2000

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