Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Plein Air Easton Art Exhibit And Sale

This year Plein Air Easton Competition and Arts Festival is holding an Art Exhibit and Sale of paintings by all of the competition artists that includes both plein air and other work.

You can view this art today at various locations, including the Waterfowl Building in Easton.
In addition to my floral, “Tulips Mingling With Daffodils,” here are four other paintings I have in this exhibit.
 "Pink!" • Oil on Canvas • 8" x 8" • Available at Plein Air Easton

There's always so much variety in a single flower. What I found most interesting about this rose was the subtle shift in the pink shadows. From cool pink at the top to almost orange in the middle, and finally purple in the deepest shadows.
"Day at the Dock" • Oil on Linen • 12" x 16" • Available at Plein Air Easton

Marinas have always fascinated me. All of the boats come together into abstract shapes. It only takes one carefully rendered boat to suggest so much more.
"Aflame" • Oil on Linen • 9" x 12" • SOLD

I'm a sucker for backlit roses. The way the sun shines right through them, enhancing their color dramatically, and making them appear to be on fire.
"Wake" • Oil on Linen • 18"x24" • Available at Plein Air Easton

What a great view to wake up to. This boat was right outside the window of a home we stayed at in Easton. The passing crab boats disturbed still water, breaking up the boat's shadow into thick stripes of color.
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