Saturday, April 17, 2021

2021 Olmsted Plein Air Invitational - Atlanta, Georgia

I’m honored to have been invited to the Olmsted Plein Air Invitational again this year.

This will be my third time at this great event, and I’m really excited to be able to participate in person this year, now that I am fully vaccinated. This will be the first plein air event Kimberly and I have been able to travel to in more than a year.

Here are some of my previous paintings for Olmsted.

"Dining at the Swan" • Oil on Linen • 18"x24" • Private Collection

"Swan Descending, A Staircase" • Oil on Linen • 18"x24" • Available at

"Midnight SkyView" • Oil on Linen • 14"x18" • Available at

"The Ins and the Outs, Atlanta" • Oil on Linen • 20"x24" • Private Collection

"Deep Down in Deepdene" • Oil on Linen • 9"x12" • Two Hour Quick Paint • Private Collection

"The Swan Dappled" • Oil on Linen • 14"x18" • Available at

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