Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Art Review - "La Dordogne, A Chateau in Normandy, A River in Normandy" by Frits Thaulow

This week's #MuseumTourTuesday features three pieces by Norwegian painter Frits Thaulow.

While Thaulow includes architecture in all three of the images shown here, it is the water that is the true star. Known specifically for his landscape paintings, the artist was a master at depicting flowing rivers.
"La Dordogne" • Frits Thaulow • Oil • 1904

The village in the distance is very loosely painted. It's the water that features the most realistic rendering. Its swirling waters keep your attention moving throughout the river.
 "A Ch√Ęteau in Normandy" • Frits Thaulow • Oil on canvas • 82 cm x 102 cm • 1895
Once again, the water is the gateway into the composition with a beautiful juxtaposition between the warm reflections of the chateau and the cooler sky, leading the viewer's eye to the chateau itself.

In addition, notice the beautiful gradation of color in the trees on the left and the subtle handling of the footprints in the snow on the right.
"A River in Normandy" • Frits Thaulow • Oil on canvas • 1894

The river is rendered with a realist approach, featuring the bright warm blue sky reflected in the water contrasting with the cooler blue ripples and flowing right into the red reflection of the architecture. The building becomes almost whimsical by comparison with its brick pattern and more saturated color.
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