Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Art Review - "Emma Zorn, Lasande" by Anders Zorn

It's our first #MuseumTourTuesday after the big freeze, and as I sit here drinking coffee and reading the morning news with my lovely wife, here is the first painting that comes to mind.

In this portrait by Anders Zorn, the artist depicts his wife Emma in the simple act of reading a newspaper. While the scale of the paper dominates the image, we are drawn to the careful rendering of her face concentrating on the news.
The real excitement in the painting comes from the loosely painted background with broad strokes of paint and occasional bright dashes of color. The large splash of red on the left, the small dashes of red behind her head, and the spot of complimentary green on her ring create a movement throughout the piece. I have no idea what the dark calligraphic strokes represent in the upper left corner of the painting, but they beautifully balance the dark values of her hair, and the wall behind her back.
"Emma Zorn, Läsande" • Anders Zorn • Oil on Canvas • 15.8" x 23.8" • 1887

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