Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Art Review - "A Warm Day" by Anatoli P. Levitin - Russian State Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia

For today's #MuseumTourTuesday, I'd like to share a painting by Russian artist Anatoli Levitin, as well as its corresponding sketch. It's so interesting to see how the piece evolved from the initial concept to the final piece, and I absolutely love both paintings.
First, take a look at the sketch.

While the painting lacks any detail at all, there is a wonderful sense of light. Thanks to the saturated color in the figure and the blown out sky beyond, you can almost feel the warmth from the sun, but her relaxed pose suggests a cool breeze through the open window.

The story is very simple, a woman taking a break from her cleaning duties to enjoy a moment of respite. I get the sense that this is a private moment, and we are simply voyeurs.

I can't find information regarding the size, but my guess tells me that it is not extremely large. I also don't know where the painting currently resides.
Now for the more formal work.
"A Warm Day" • Anatoli P. Levitin • Oil on Canvas • 75" x 48" • 1957 • State Russian Museum 
Levitin makes an interesting cropping change by not showing the entire window. This changes our interaction with the girl. We are closer now, and have a more personal connection.

She has removed her shoes and smock, giving her an even more relaxed appearance. Unlike the sketch, her face is turned towards the outdoor scene, and the buildings have been moved below her eye level. This makes the painting more aspirational. While she enjoys the break, she also shows interest in what is beyond the window and her cleaning duties.
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