Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Art Review - "Geraniums" by Andrew Wyeth, Brandywine River Museum of Art, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

During a visit to the Brandywine River Museum of Art last summer, Kimberly and I were lucky enough to view Andrew Wyeth's watercolor "Geraniums." This piece is from a private collection, and not normally on display.

I'm struck by the multiple levels that this painting works on. At first glance, it's just about the view into the window and out the other side, but then one notices the bright red spots of the geraniums inviting the viewer to explore the interior. That's when we catch a glimpse of Anna Christina Olson, the very same neighbor Wyeth captured in his iconic "Christina's World."

Here, Christina is older and in failing health, confined to the few small rooms of this also deteriorating farmhouse. There's both a sadness to the painting from her isolation, but also a quiet beauty and sense of hope suggested by the color of the geraniums and the beautiful view beyond the far window.

"Geraniums" • Andrew Wyeth • 1960 • Watercolor on paper • 30.75" x 15.5"

Painting photo by Saunders Fine Arts.

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