Monday, May 14, 2018

Plein Air KC

I was asked to be the judge for Plein Air KC this year, a great event that I participated in as an artist several times in the past.

Judging is never easy, because art is subjective, but I have a criteria that I use to evaluate paintings, and I explained my choices as clearly as I could at the awards ceremony. Here's a video of me explaining my selections.

I had the chance to do several live interviews with a local television station about the festival, and my philosophy on painting. Here's one portion of those interviews.

My thanks to Plein Air KC founder and chairman Kirk Peterson of the Penn Valley Park Conservancy for asking me to come back to the city that was my home for many years, and where I went to art school, to be a part of this festival. Congratulations to all of the many talented artists who came out to paint this year.

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