Friday, April 13, 2018

Indiana Artists 86th Annual Juried Exhibition & Painting Workshop

I was honored to be asked by the Indiana Artists to judge their 86th Annual Juried Exhibition this year at the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields, and to teach a three-day workshop as well.

I was scheduled to give a judge's talk at the museum on Saturday, April 7th, before judging the exhibition, but Mother Nature had other plans. Winter seems to be fighting spring this year, and bad weather cancelled my Friday flight out of San Antonio to Indianapolis. I actually had to race to the airport Thursday night right after finding out my Friday flight was cancelled, just so that I could catch another flight to Dallas, where I would have to sleep at the airport overnight to catch an early morning flight to Indianapolis. Not ideal, but that's life sometimes. Then, that flight out of Dallas got cancelled due to bad weather, so the airline put me on a flight to Nashville, and then to Chicago, from which I was finally able to make it to Indianapolis. My judge's talk had to be cancelled, but I made it in time to get to the museum to judge the exhibition, and for the start of my workshop on Sunday.

This is the first demonstration painting I did for the workshop. I didn't get a chance to get photographs of my other two demonstration paintings before they sold.

I really enjoyed working with the artists in this group, and hope to have a workshop there again next year. Next time I'll drive instead of fly.

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